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Social Events

SSNAP holds social events twice per month. They are normally attended by a small but friendly group of parents.

At the monthly coffee mornings parents are free to bring along any children who are not at school. There is no set agenda and members are free to drop in and chat about any particular issues that they are facing at that time, share information or just chat generally.

SSNAP meetings are informal as one of the main aims of SSNAP is to provide support for one another. There is always at least one SSNAP coordinator at the social events so nobody will turn up and be alone.

The monthly evening social is a chance for parents to relax over casual food and drinks, away from their children and to chat to other parents to exchange ideas and resources and share knowledge of schools, therapists and therapies. We do ask that you to e-mail us at sspecialneedsandparents@gmail.com if you are interested in attending an evening social, so that we can make a reservation.

join SSNAP's social events, for support by parents with special needs children

SSNAP is a Non-Profit Organization run by volunteers.

SSNAP volunteers do not personally recommend any of the services, articles and therapists forwarded to you.

We trust you will make an informed choice.

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