special needs parents on facebook


SSNAP has two closed Facebook groups for parents of children with special needs, residing in Singapore. Each group provides a forum for parents to pose questions to the community, seek recommendations, etc. Our Facebook group "SSNAP – Singapore Special Needs and Parents" includes both parents and service providers. Service providers are able to advertise their services on Mondays only, but may join in any discussion to offer advice.  "SSNAP Parents" is for parents of children with special needs only and there is strictly no self advertising allowed in this group. 

Please contact us via the following form and we will contact you. Please be patient if you do not hear from us immediately (particularly during school holidays) as we are all volunteers and parents.

SSNAP is a Non-Profit Organization run by volunteers.

SSNAP volunteers do not personally recommend any of the services, articles and therapists forwarded to you.

We trust you will make an informed choice.

For Parents by Parents