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The Singapore Special Needs and Parents support group (SSNAP) was started as a non-profit organization in September 2009 by two parents of children with special needs. The objective was (and still is) to provide resources and a network for families living in Singapore with children with special needs, particularly families from other countries and cultures, away from their family support network. The list of special needs covers anything from genetic to birth complications, Cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome, Autism, ADHD, Global Development Delay, Fragile X Syndrome, etc. The list is non-exhaustive. Our children do not need to have exactly the same condition/severity of condition for us to be able to relate and offer support.

Today SSNAP has over 1500 members from a variety of countries and backgrounds. Their children range from pre-schoolers to teenagers and attend a range of local and international schools or undertake home-schooling programmes.
SSNAP is often a first port of call for parents with a child with special needs who are contemplating a move to Singapore or for parents whose children have just been given a diagnosis.

As SSNAP continues to grow, we welcome parents to provide feedback and ideas or, even better, to get involved via our Contact page and help to keep SSNAP a thriving community of like-minded parents.


Huma Durrani, a parent of our group, has written a book about her journey with her autistic son, "Wrapped in blue". She also writes a blog with reflections on autism, art therapy, parenting, mental health issues and all about Mo.

Find Huma's Blog here.

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